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As comprehensive a description as I can muster for all rounds currently supported by Archery Score Pad

(This information page is currently incomplete, but I will endeavour to update as soon as possible!)

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GNAS Indoor rounds

Scoring: 10-zone metric scoring.

Compounds: Compound must only score X-ring as 10.

Round30m25y20y18mTarget face
Bray I  2.5 40 cm
Bray II 2.5  60 cm
Stafford5   80 cm
Portsmouth  5 60 cm
Worcester  5 Worcester face
Vegas   540cm triangular triple


Worcester shot on 16", five-zone black-and-white face. Rings score like: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Shot in 12 ends of 5 arrows (60 arrows in total).

Please see full rules in GNAS Rules of Shooting, Rule 408.