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As comprehensive a description as I can muster for all rounds currently supported by Archery Score Pad

(This information page is currently incomplete, but I will endeavour to update as soon as possible!)

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FITA Rounds

International standard rounds. Full rules and regulations are available from the FITA website,

FITA Indoor Rounds

Indoor rounds
FITA 18m5 dozen at 18m40cm face
FITA 25m5 dozen at 25m60cm face
Indoor match round1 dozen at 18m40cm triple face
Combined FITAA FITA 18m, and a FITA 25m, shot in any order

For indoor FITA rounds (only), compound archers must score with inner-10 ring only.

FITA Outdoor Rounds

Dozens at each distance:

Round122cm faces80cm faces
FITA Gents33    3 3
FITA Ladies 33   3 3
FITA Cadet Ladies  33   33
FITA 70m 6       
FITA 60m  6      
FITA 900    
FITA Standard Round   3 3   
Olympic elimination 1       

Note that the FITA Gents/Ladies/Cadet Ladies rounds are 12 dozen arrows in total (4 distances)
The furthest two distances are shot on 122cm faces, the nearest two distances are shot on 80cm faces.

Double FITA means two indentical FITA rounds shot sequentially.

Half FITA means a FITA shot with half the indicated number of arrows at each distance.

Note on FITA classifications

FITA Gents shot by Men, Junior Men, Masters Men

FITA Ladies shot by Women, Cadet Men, Junior Women, Masters Men

FITA Cadet Ladies shot by Cadet Women