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As comprehensive a description as I can muster for all rounds currently supported by Archery Score Pad

(This information page is currently incomplete, but I will endeavour to update as soon as possible!)

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GNAS Imperial rounds

Rounds specified by the Grand National Archery Society of the UK (GNAS). Further information is available in their Rules of Shooting and Shooting Admin Procedures on their website

Scoring: 5-zone imperial scoring, all shot on 122cm face

Table shows number of dozen at each distance

Round100y80y60y 50y40y30y 20y15y10y Notes
Double Hereford 1284     
Double York1284      
Hereford 642     Also known as a Bristol I
Bristol II  642    
Bristol III   642   
Bristol IV    642  
Bristol V, new (30/20/10yds)     64 2
Bristol V, old (20/15/10yds)      642
St George333      
Albion 333     
Windsor  333    
Short Windsor   333   
Junior Windsor    333  
Short Junior Windsor     33 3
New Western44       
Long Western 44      
Western  44     
Western (two-way)  44     
Short Western   44    
Junior Western    44   
Short Junior Western     44  
American    GNAS Imperial version of FITA 900
Double American  555    
St Nicholas    43   
New National42       
Long National 42      
National (two-way)  42     
National  42     
Double National  84     
Double National (two-way)  84     
Short National   42    
Junior National    42   
Short Junior National     42  
New Warwick22       
Long Warwick 22      
Warwick  22     
Short Warwick   22    
Junior Warwick    22   
Short Junior Warwick     22