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Rules and Regulations of Archery Score Pad

  1. You may submit scores for any full round recognised by Archery Score Pad, regardless of whether it was shot under competition conditions or not.
  2. Any score that is shot under competition conditions should be marked as such on the 'Add Score' page. Users then have the option of filtering monthly ranking tables to view only those scores shot under competition conditions.
  3. "Competition Conditions" principally means shooting with limited sighters (ie, six arrows for Archery GB rules, or limited practise time as per World Archery rules), and that you don't score your own arrows.
  4. Scores must be submitted by the 4th of the following month for inclusion in any particular month's Open or Group rankings, and for that score to be considered for Archery Score Pad records. The cut-off is determined by the local time of the Archery Score Pad servers, which corresponds to the GMT+0100 (Europe/London) time-zone.
    When this page was loaded, for example, the official Archery Score Pad date was Monday, May 20th 2024, and the time was 0411.
    Please note: Scores entered past this deadline will still appear in your own score history, and statistics; they will only be ignored for rankings calculations.
  5. Rankings are calculated based on your best individual score shot during the ranking period.
  6. Ties are usually resolved in the order hits, and golds (or kills, or spots, for field archers). For some rounds, ties may be broken, additionally, on counts of Xs or 9s. Please see the Guide to Rounds for further clarification.