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Terms, Conditions, and the Privacy Policy

This page details exactly what will happen to the information and score data you provide to Archery Score Pad.

Your scores

  • All of the score data that you provide to Archery Score Pad should be considered public, and visible to all other users of Archery Score Pad.
  • Although scores are currently only visible through ranking tables, and to your Facebook friends, etc, (and that therefore only a small sub-set of your score history is visible to any other user) I reserve the right to add new features to the website, in the future, which could alter the visibility of individual scores. I will assume therefore that you are happy for your scores to automatically appear in these new features.
  • The Archery Score Pad system is a database of scores, and a front-end (shell) system that compiles rankings, statistics, etc, from that database. There are currently two shells in operation:, and the Archery Score Pad Facebook(R) application. I may introduce new shells in the future, and will assume that you are happy for your scores to be visible within all of them. In other words, scores you enter via will also be visible to users of the Facebook(R) application (and vice versa).
  • Multiple shell interfaces increase the range of the Archery Score Pad system, increase its overall user-base, and therefore improve the user-experience by exposing you to an ever-wider community of international archers.

Your user data

  • I will collect limited user data from you (eg, your name, gender, age, etc). These will be used only for the purposes of the Archery Score Pad system, and will not be shared with anyone else.
  • All data (scores and personal information) is hosted on a single database server accessible to one person, me, and any one else who manages to break through my web host's security systems and hack into my account.
  • Occasionally, user data will be backed-up, in plain text, to my own local machine, so that data can be restored in the event of a server failure.
  • As site administrator I have, in principle, access to individual scores. I reserve the right to modify or remove any score that I feel has been submitted incorectly, or fraudulently.
  • I make no guarantees whatever as to the security of any data posted onto the Archery Score Pad.
  • You should regard myself in the same way you should regard your club records officer. I will always treat your data with respect.

Facebook privacy

  • The data you provide to the Archery Score Pad is kept on the Archery Score Pad's own servers and is subject to its own usage policy. Your Facebook privacy settings are not (and, in fact, technically cannot) be reflected in the Archery Score Pad system itself.